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AWS vs. GCP vs. AZURE nomenclature

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Below is a summary of AWS vs. GCP vs. AZURE (new addition) nomenclature. I will try my best to edit this living document to reflect the changes originated from the respective vendors or to correct my own mistakes, etc.

Whether you are just planning to hit the Public Cloud journey or you are in flight or you are in the landing or landed phase, I really hope you will find it useful, informative and helpful in whatever stage of your professional or personal development lifecycle.

I have tried my very best to be as accurate as possible by dissecting, decomposing, cross-checking back and forth, and understanding on vendors' and others' documentations.

Please feel free to comment. I will continue to re-iterate on it just like what we are doing with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment or Development to make it better...

Thank you, Our Greater Community...WORK IN PROGRESS to make it BETTER...BACK SOON again...


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