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Google Professional Data Engineer

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Hi, all, sorry for the long absence as I was and I am still devoting most of my time to make all use of this pandemic-stricken time to get myself back in the driver seat of piloting myself better in my public cloud journey. Yes, two years are going to be written off and it will sure be part of the history books. The knowledge I have gained and may be you too during this period will forever be with us. In total, I have read 7 GCP certifications and my 8th i.e. Professional Machine Learning Engineer is next week (Nov 15-21 2021). I revised my target after I fared poorly in Google Sample Questions at

I have cleared my Google Professional Data Engineer certification exam. Like I said, Google produces excellent documentation so I am using it as the Single Source Of Truth. Please watch this space as I will share my experience about how to prep for your GCP certifications continuing from where I left off...

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